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Debut Dolphin Mall Performance - Jan. 29th - 7:00pm - 11pm

Nov15, 2021

Stella Fusion gets ready to Cumbia, Salsa Funk the Ramblas Plaza Stage at Dolphin Mall!

Catch us as we perform an hour set of Cumbia, Salsa and Funk! Have some drinks, eat some food and do some shopping!


Artfest in the Pines_Web_1080 x 1080.png
Debut Pembroke Pines  - ArtFEST on the Pines
- Nov. 6th - 3:30pm

Sept 1, 2021

Stella Fusion is set to make their debut Pembroke Pines performance at the ArtFest! Come on over!

Get ready to ‘Embrace the Art of Life’!
We invite you to join us on November 6th at the Charles F. Dodge City Center as we welcome back our annual Artfest in the Pines.

Patrons and participants alike can expect eclectic and talented artists, fun-filled entertainment, family-friendly activities and much more!

We go on at 3:30! Come catch some Cumbia, Salsa, Funk!


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