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Stella Fusion - Cumbia Salsa Funk - Fruta Fresca (Cover)

Video of the gang performing  Live at the 2019 Miss Carnaval Miami Beauty pageant! A great evening, with beautiful and talented people, and great organization! Thank you Kiwanis of Little Havana!

Stella Fusion - Asi Soy Yo  🎶🎵

Una pequeña prueba de nuestro tema que estamos cocinando.

Here's a little taste of a new tune we're cooking up. Asi so yo...

Stella Fusion - Groovy on a Sunday Afternoon

The boys have a soft spot for all things Jazz; smooth, bee bop, or blues... This short sample of band original, Groovy Sunday Afternoon, shows off the band's groove-ability, and smooth-jazz tropical chops. But careful, like a rain forest jungle, the originals evolve, change and shape shift. Look or listen) for this tasty melodic loop to change styles and rhythms, add voices, and otherwise, come to another life... sometime soon.

Stella Fusion - Tiburon

Our short latin funk tribute to one of the great song writers of his time; Ruben Blades. Recorded at Browner Sounds Studios, Hialeah, Florida. October, 2018 Vocals - Eduardo Cabrera Sax - Ozzy Reyes Bass - Axel Aleman Drums - Raymon Ayala Keyboards - Regis Ferrer Percussion - Diego Vargas Guitar - Joel Varela

Stella Fusion - Cumbia Classic - Canoa Ranca (Cover)

Here is a short clip of Stella performing a Cumbia cover of Grupo Niche's Canoa Rancha. 

Stella Fusion - Mono Loko (Original - Sample)

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